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Welcome objectives as a LETS Internet Management System (LIMS) is to make available for Local Exchange Time Systems, tools that allow them to manage most common tasks in a secured way.
This LIMS is totally free.
Why free ? Because hosting is not expensive nowadays.

We help LETS who wish to use this LIMS in their first steps to create their local group.
We can also friendly accompany a LETS in their primary development.

We only help LETS that are purely social.
Why do only helps LETS that are purely social?
Assistance is the word which connects us all, depite our age, origines, social level.

LETS and Democracy
1. Citizen participation (mutual-exchange-meetings)
2. Only decisions by the citizens
3. Management and coordination by the citizens only
4. Self-financing by Citizens Only

5. LETS are networks of friends and neighbors who want to help each other by giving occasional assistance to improve the quality of social and local life.

Experience proves that, LETS "are NOT" capable of being altenative currency systems. We are therefore opposed to the various forms of local currencies, that some associate with LETS.

What do we propose?
1. Internet platform for managing your LETS
2. Free Hosting in DATACENTER
3. General documentation
4. Totally free
5. No intrusive advertising

L'Entraide est la plus grande preuve d'Amour que les Humains peuvent avoir entre eux. Développons-la!
RISE UP - [Official Video]

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Brochure sur la solidarité et les modes d'entraides locaux

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